when ur parents call u for dinner and u see they made your fav


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Good idea!but I prefer reading than running!
  • Random Person: Oh you like Sherlock? Who's your favorite character?
  • Me: Moriarty
  • Random Person:
  • Random Person: ..The Villain?
  • Me: yep
  • Random Person: Oh so you think he's misunderstood?
  • Me: No he's quite evil. It's def a turn-on
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Q: BBC Sherlock: He solves crimes, we blog about it


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The woods is where trees hang out. Is this show even real (via thrillofthecase)
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Either everyone else is unknowingly making Supernatural references

Or I have gotten to the point where everything is a Supernatural reference

spn is hijacking our brains

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what im wondering

is why no one is talking about that one time jensen had a fake/temporary tattoo


i mean


what is going on??



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The Adventures of Guava Cas: Hurt


Guava Cas is barely surviving on his own. Everything hurts and he has no strength to heal himself. So here he is, not knowing how to find the boys again or even how he’ll keep going. He wishes he could have some encouragement, but unfortunately, he has nobody. Hopefully it will work out. 

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I nearly got attacked by a giant spider this morning. 

You could say it was a, uh…

brush with Death.

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